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Easter and The Goddess

March 29, 20245 min read

Easter's Pagan Origins: Tales from the Sacred Garden

Easter, a celebration rich in symbolism and tradition, presents a fascinating story that intertwines ancient pagan practices and modern spiritual beliefs. At the heart of this narrative is the Goddess Eostre, an emblem of renewal and rebirth whose esoteric meaning can inspire and enlighten those on a spiritual path.

I personally love to know the origins of our modern-day celebrations it makes me feel connected to nature and our ancestors.

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The Goddess Eostre: A Beacon of Renewal

Eostre, the Anglo-Saxon goddess of spring, dawn, and fertility, is said to bring the warmth and light that awaken the earth from its winter slumber. Her very essence is intertwined with the cycle of death and rebirth, a core theme that resonates deeply within spiritual communities. Eostre's connection to the vernal equinox, a time when day and night stand in perfect balance, symbolizes the awakening of consciousness and the resurgence of life.

The mythos surrounding Eostre includes her as a nurturing figure who oversees the budding of plants and the birth of animals, symbolizing the potent force of creation inherent in nature. This reawakening of the earth is mirrored in the human soul's journey towards enlightenment and rebirth.

Easter Hare and Egg

The Symbols of Eostre: Hares and Eggs

The hare, an animal known for its vigorous fertility, is closely associated with Eostre. This creature, often depicted in myths as her loyal companion, embodies the rapid growth and reproductive abundance seen in spring. The hare's connection to the moon, a symbol of intuition and renewal, enhances its role as a guide for those seeking spiritual rebirth.

Eggs, another symbol linked to Eostre, represent the genesis of life and the potential contained within. They embody the mystery of creation and the promise of new beginnings. In spiritual practices, eggs symbolise the soul's capacity for renewal and the potential for growth and transformation.

Season and spirituality

The Colours of Rebirth: Green, Yellow, and Purple

The traditional colours associated with Eostre's festival—green, yellow, and purple—carry deep symbolic meanings. Green, the colour of vegetation and growth, reflects the earth's renewal and the heart chakra, signifying love and compassion. Yellow, reminiscent of the sun's light and warmth, symbolises the mind's enlightenment and the solar plexus chakra, a source of personal power and confidence. Purple, a colour of spirituality and introspection, resonates with the crown chakra, connecting individuals to the universal consciousness and their higher selves.

Integrating the Esoteric Meaning of Easter into Spiritual Practice

For those on a spiritual journey, the celebration of Easter and the veneration of the Goddess Eostre offer a time for reflection on the themes of renewal, rebirth, and transformation. It is an opportunity to align with the cycles of nature, to embrace the potential for new beginnings, and to awaken to the light within.

Incorporating the symbols and colours of Eostre into personal rituals, meditation, and mindfulness practices can enhance your connection to the divine and the natural world. Reflecting on the hare and egg can inspire thoughts on fertility, creativity, and the unfolding of spiritual potential. Meditating with the colours green, yellow, and purple can facilitate a deeper understanding of love, power, and spirituality.

As we celebrate Easter and honour the Goddess Eostre, let us remember the profound lessons of rebirth and renewal that she brings. Let this time be a reminder of our own capacity for regeneration, the infinite possibilities that lie ahead, and the eternal cycle of life, death, and rebirth that connects us all.

spiritual practices


The time of year associated with Easter and its pagan origins, symbolising rebirth, renewal, and the triumph of light over darkness, invites a variety of sacred practices. These practices can help you align with the energies of renewal and growth. Here are some recommended sacred practices that embody this time of year, inspired by the themes of Easter and its rich pagan heritage:

1. Dawn Rituals

Celebrate the return of light and life by greeting the dawn. This can be as simple as rising early to watch the sunrise and meditate on new beginnings. It's a powerful time to set intentions for growth and renewal, mirroring the sun’s journey across the sky.

2. Seed Blessing and Planting

In the spirit of fertility and new growth, engage in the ritual of blessing seeds before planting them. This can be done by holding seeds in your hands, envisioning them bursting with life, and offering a prayer or affirmation for the growth you wish to cultivate in your own life alongside the plants.


3. Egg Decorating

This practice draws from the symbol of the egg representing potential and the essence of life. Decorate eggs with symbols, colours, and patterns that reflect your intentions for the coming cycle. This can be a meditative practice, focusing on the transformation from potential to manifestation.

4. Spring Equinox Feast

Host a meal that honours the abundance and fertility of the earth, incorporating seasonal foods that are traditionally associated with spring. This is a time to celebrate the balance of light and dark and to welcome the increasing light. Sharing this feast with loved ones can strengthen communal bonds and shared intentions.

5. Nature Walks and Offerings

Take mindful walks in nature to observe and honour the resurgence of life. Leave offerings of gratitude—such as seeds, stones, or natural biodegradable materials—in places that feel sacred or special to you, acknowledging the interconnectedness of all life.

6. Journaling and Reflection

Use this time for deep reflection on themes of rebirth, renewal, and what you wish to leave behind as you step into new possibilities. Journaling can be a powerful tool to explore your inner landscape and to set intentions for the season ahead.

7. Cleansing and Clearing Rituals

Engage in physical, emotional, and spiritual cleansing practices. This could include spring cleaning your living space, smudging with sage or other herbs to clear energies, or taking cleansing baths with salts and essential oils to purify and renew your spirit.

8. Community Service

Reflecting the fertility and abundance of the season, consider giving back to your community or the earth itself. This could involve volunteering, participating in community gardens, or initiatives that focus on environmental stewardship and sustainability.

By engaging in these sacred practices, you honour not only the historical and spiritual significance of this time of year but also connect more deeply with your personal journey of growth and renewal.

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Best Easter Blessings Alesha x

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