Neuroscience meets Psychology

Where the power

of neuroscience

interweaves with


heralding a new

era of personal

achievement and

mastery over

the mind.

BWRT® is more

than a therapy;

it's a launchpad

to your success.

Discover the Magic of BWRT

BWRT is a compassionate, scientifically-backed therapy that empowers you to break free from the repetitive thought patterns that

have held you back.

Developed by the renowned therapist Terence Watts, BWRT offers an oasis of healing

and self-discovery.

Picture a life where fear and doubt no longer cast

shadows on your dreams.

With BWRT, this dream unfolds into your reality

Awaken Your Potential

Are you ready to embrace a life of inner harmony and profound transformation?

Do you seek a gentle yet powerful path to release anxiety, dissolve fears, and nurture your authentic self?

Allow Brain Working Recursive Therapy (BWRT) to be your guide on this empowering journey.

Connect with Alesha today for a complimentary consultation and begin your voyage.

Why Embrace BWRT?

  • Swift Transformation

    Experience profound shifts in just a few sessions.

  • Grounded in Science

    BWRT draws its strength from the latest insights in neuroscience and psychology.

  • Embracing Your Comfort

    BWRT offers you healing without reliving your pain.

  • Tailored for You

    BWRT is as unique as you are. It embraces your individual challenges and aspirations, crafting an intimate journey of growth.


Nick Skelton UK

Alesha has turned my life around. From a point of stress, anxiety, lack of purpose and emptiness; Alesha worked with

me to unpack the life events that

had driven me to this point.

Over the course of two months, we focussed in on the events/triggers

that were causing my problems and systematically rationalised and cleared each one with BWRT. Alesha then moved into a stage of understanding what really motivates me in life and then developed a tool kit of techniques to ensure that

I stay motivated, positive and rational in

every aspect of my life! Thank you

Saima Liverpool UK

BWRT with Alesha changed my life.  

It took no time at all to feel safe with Alesha. Her compassionate understanding and intuitive insight made my journey with her through BWRT easy. I moved from living in a state of paralysis, crippled by phobias and the scars of severe abuse, to living a life of self-directed empowerment and freedom.

Two years on from completing this course of therapy with Alesha and I continue to notice positive changes in my behaviours and perceptions. I have returned to my natural state of being pre-abuse; my posture is upright, my voice is confident, I recognise and value my skills and talents and I am no longer enslaved to limiting fearful false beliefs. I am my own person, confident, assured and entirely self-aware. Everything is possible, and I’m so grateful to Alesha for helping me reclaim my radiant, bright future.

David Doran Cheshire UK

After trying different forms of therapy unsuccessfully, I went to Alesha for BWRT, I can honestly say that this

was the best thing I’ve done, and it’s changed my life for the better,

and it only took a few sessions.

My self-confidence has doubled and

my friends and family have

noticed the difference.

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