The Way of the Heart Yoga: A Return to Inner Harmony

A Gateway to Authentic Connection:

Join me on a journey through time and tradition.

My 'Way of the Heart Yoga', inspired by Mark Whitwell's Heart of Yoga, leads us through ancient wisdom, releasing the chains of limitation and guiding us back to our inherent essence.

The Essence of the Practice:

Breath & Body Harmony

Yoga of Intimacy

Journey of Effortless Evolution

Through the art of Asana, Pranayama, Meditation, and Mantra, our breath and body synchronise. This specific breathwork fosters unity in our heart centre, marrying the dualities of strength and receptivity. It's an alchemical union of opposites, fostering a holistic human experience of unity..

Dive deep into the essence of self-empowering, reality-realising Yoga. With me, you'll reconnect to authentic practices, distanced from the commercial interpretations of the West.Journey of Effortless

My method is nurturing,

not demanding.

As our breath aligns with movement, our mind re-anchors

to our body—our personal cosmos—soothing, harmonising,

and opening our hearts.

Rooted in Tradition:

My lineage, deeply intertwined with the teachings of Mark Whitwell's Heart of Yoga, draws inspiration from Sri Krishnamacharya, influenced by T.K.V. Desikachar,

U.G. & JJ Krishnamurti.

"Love reveals everything that is not love." Mark Whitwell

The Five Guiding Principles

  • Breath as Movement: Our breath and body move as one

  • Breath Enveloping Movement:

    Breath initiates and completes each movement

  • Balanced Breath: Inhalation nurtures receptivity; exhalation embodies strength

  • Bandhas through Asana: Asana naturally cultivates bandhas, enhancing the breath

  • Unified Practice:

    Asana prepares us for pranayama, which in turn welcomes meditation—

    a gift of grace

The Essence of the Practice:

Whether at my private studio in Widnes, Cheshire, UK, or virtually via Zoom,

I invite you to a heartful connection between your breath, body, and soul.

Together, we will:

  • Engage with the traditional approach and the foundational principles of the Heart of Yoga

  • Align body, breath, and mind to experience your own


  • Design a Yoga practice aligned with your heart and soul

  • Explore life's transitions, from perimenopause and menopause to menstrual and fertility challenges

One-on-One Sessions:

Embark on a personalised 90-minute journey with me.

Pricing: £65 (Up to 3 participants).


4 weeks - £245 | 6 weeks - £370 | 8 weeks - £495 | 10 weeks - £615 | 12 weeks - £740

Journey with me through The Way of the Heart Yoga

Engage in Yoga Immersions with spiritual teachings,

celebrate our community, and dive deep into transformative retreat offerings

"Here, we don't just practice; we return home to our essence"


Alesha’s Yoga Journey

My introduction to Yoga came as a new mum. Amid the challenges of single parenthood and my awakening to spiritual truths, I stumbled upon an Ashtanga class. The rigour of the practice paired with the tranquillity of shavasana captured me. While the classes offered solace, they also had their own set of challenges. The swift pace and prevailing performance-driven ethos often misaligned with my intrinsic needs.

By a stroke of luck, a dedicated yoga teacher introduced me to tailored sessions, turning my focus inwards and lighting the flame of my passion. I yearned to commence teacher training, but an untimely accident coupled with my impending second pregnancy halted those aspirations.

Post-childbirth, reconciling with my transformed body proved arduous. However, my yoga mentor, with her compassion and insight, instilled a deep appreciation for the marvels of my physique.

Despite attending various yoga retreats, I grew disenchanted by the pervasive culture of comparison. The environment inadvertently fostered competitiveness, urging me towards a more genuine practice. A spiritual calling took me to an ashram in Goa, where non-dualistic Tantra – embodying the essence of the Divine Mother – beckoned. Yet, the profound grief of my father's passing cast a shadow over my experience.

Back home, I revisited the idea of teacher training, this time gravitating towards Vinyasa Yoga. Its synchronicity of flow and breath intrigued me. However, the onset of perimenopause necessitated a revaluation of my practice's intensity. Honouring my body's wisdom led me to specialised training tailored to the menopausal transition.

Throughout this journey, my core intent remained unwavering: deepening my self-connection and understanding life's truths. My immersion into the Tantric philosophies of Kashmir Shaivism and my chance encounter with Mark Whitwell and Rosalind Atkinson steered me towards the Heart of Yoga and the Krishnamacharya lineage's lost teachings. This approach presented a refreshing contrast to many mainstream yoga practices.

Now, after a 25-year dance with Yoga, I find myself amidst a community that resonates deeply with my heart's desires. Mark's Heart of Yoga and its community are the embodiments of my search for authenticity. Yoga has been my steadfast companion - as a single mum, wife, friend, businesswoman, healer, and teacher.

Today, my passion is to guide others towards mental and emotional equilibrium, empowering them to live authentically. The Way of the Heart Yoga supports this endeavour more than ever. I teach not out of obligation but in response to a heartfelt request to share these age-old teachings. It's an honour to connect with others in this transformative journey, heart to heart. My Way of the Heart Yoga remains the cornerstone of my existence, nurturing a harmonious relationship with myself, my spirit, and the cosmos.


Luke Widnes Cheshire UK

"Alesha is not just a highly competent, extremely knowledgeable teacher of yoga and meditation, she always connects that knowledge with specifically tailored exercises that resonate with the vibrations of the room. She will teach you the basics of the practices while gradually increasing the intensity of the sessions when reaching 1 Columnthe required stages."

Carmel Liverpool UK

"I recently attended a one-day retreat. Alesha was so welcoming and put everyone at ease. It was a wonderful rejuvenating day of meditation, yoga qi gong and relaxation. It was such a warm friendly environment, lovely food and chats in-between. I felt very restored after the day and would definitely attend again and recommend to others."

Helen Jones, UK

"Best day I’ve EVER had!! 5 stars for me!!

Had the most amazing day at the spring equinox day!! One of the best days in my life!! From the moment you walk in, & the welcoming from Alisha, to the time that you leave, feeling very Zen, you have got to give it a try, best Mother’s Day present I have ever had! She is amazing!!💕"

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