Awaken to the profound vibrations within your name,

unlocking the secrets of your soul's journey.

This system is your compass to self-discovery, guiding you

beyond life's constraints towards true self-expression.

Direction and Purpose:

Infuse your life with clarity and intent.


Understand your soul's map and heed its call.


Make choices that resonate with your

true self across

all life spheres.

Transformative Influence:

The insights ripple across your life, fostering shifts of consciousness

Types of Readings Offered:


Life Purpose Reading

Discover your true self, your

innate gifts, soul’s purpose and

your soul's unique roadmap.

Couple's Reading

Gain clarity on dynamics between you and your significant other.

Deeper Spiritual Guidance

A deeper channelled reading with focus in certain areas of your chart so that you can connect and release or activate aspects of your unique blueprint and combination of your Cosmic Creation Codes

Relationship/Family Reading

Understand the dynamics within your relationships, encompassing past

and present ties.

Home Naming

Harmonise your home's

energy to support its occupants' aspirations and dreams.

Parent's Reading

Learn to support and guide your

child towards a balanced life.

Spiritual Business Concept

Name your venture to align with your soul's creative force, fostering an authentic business identity.

Name Optimisation

Adjust your name to better echo the essence of your True Self. Indigenous cultures believe that as individuals evolve, their names should too.


For over 6000 years, since ancient civilizations such as the Essenes, Aramaic’s, and Hebrews, the mystical science of numbers has shaped our understanding of life and purpose.

These ancients didn't label it "numerology", a modern term, but they recognised the vibrations

and energies within names.

Rooted in Kabbalistic traditions and teachings, this ancient wisdom drew from the vibrational power

of the Hebrew alphabet.


Central to the system is the

Star of David, a universal symbol of

karmic incarnation on Earth.

This emblem, deeply entrenched in Jewish mysticism, reflects the

cosmic balance of spiritual

and earthly realms.

For ages, it has not just been

a beacon of protection but

also a key to deciphering the

universe's sacred harmonies.


A symbolic fusion of age-old wisdom and the potency of numbers. This system expands beyond single digits, connecting with cosmic energies, potent symbols like the Star of David, and spiritual connections echoing

the Kabbalistic practices.

More than just interpreting individual traits, the Cosmic Creation Codes offer a comprehensive guide, intertwining the universe's patterns, karmic aspects, destiny, and associated practices such as specific yoga asanas, sacred rituals, and meditation techniques.

It bridges ancient insights with modern applications, promoting both self-reflection and proactive change.


Why opt for a Cosmic Creation Code Reading?

Clarity and Insight: Grasp the core of your being and life purpose. Understand your life's narrative and recognise the influence of your sacred blueprint.

Empowerment: Master the art of harmonizing your actions with your innate gifts and talents.

Guidance: In moments of uncertainty or seeking deeper comprehension, this reading is your compass, echoing the truth you've sensed but couldn't articulate, enabling you to live authentically.

What do you receive after the reading?

The reading is recorded, and you'll receive a copy of your chart, acting as a beacon as you integrate the insights from our session.

How does it work?

A Creation Creation Code Reading is a profound tool of ascension that uses your birth name as a gateway.

Introduced by the esteemed spiritual teacher, Frank Alper, in 1980, this method aims to uplift humanity with divine knowledge. Throughout the years, Alper's teachings have evolved, giving birth to frameworks like The Numerology of Moses, The Soul Plan, and Soul Contract, all echoing his profound insights

The Reading Process

Consultation and Preparation: It commences with your birth name. From this, your unique chart is prepared, and the type of reading is discussed. Consultations can be held in person or virtually.

Attunement and Interpretation: I will tune into the vibrations of your name, drawing up your chart supported with a crystalline grid. This chart acts as a mirror, reflecting your soul's blueprint and guiding the reading to reveal your gifts, talents, and potential life challenges.

What is the difference between the Cosmic Creation Codes and Numerology?

In essence, while traditional numerology offers a glimpse of the soul, the 22 Cosmic Creation Codes sketch out the universe's grand dance and our soul's voyage within.

Your Cosmic Creation Codes Reading Will:

  • Illuminate your essence in this lifetime

  • Highlight your innate gifts, challenges, and soul's destiny

  • Provide insights on karmic, spiritual, and physical aspects

  • Empower you to transcend self-doubt and harmonise with your soul's rhythm

  • Provide you with sacred practices and actions unique to you

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